At a time when the values associated with science, education and even social justice and equity are under fire, we need champions of these causes and as privileged academics, it is our responsibility to carry that banner, to take on the mantle of leadership to ensure that our country remains the world leader that it has been. — Tony Ricci

Advance Summer Research Institute

Creating a diverse and accepting research community is critical to moving science forward at a rapid pace as well as for setting a broader example to the community at large. Science advances through people who think differently and independently and through people who are resilient. People are shaped by their personal experiences; their culture, gender, heritage, educational background, socio-economic status etc. By training a diverse cohort of leaders we are advancing and strengthening our scientific endeavors while fulfilling our social responsibilities.

The Advance summer program is central to this mission, providing a summer of research, workshops and social engagements to incoming graduate students across all bioscience programs. This program prepares students for a graduate school experience while building a community of scientists with diverse interests and backgrounds.

Spending a career as an academic scientists has provided me with unprecedented freedom and opportunity to explore topics that interest me. With this great opportunity comes the responsibility to contribute to the building and maintenance of a strong community both within the University but also to society. As leaders, it is our obligation to be outspoken and engaged at all levels of our community.— Tony Ricci