Randy Lin

I am a postbaccalaureate student hailing from University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. My love for the complexity of biochemical pathways set forth my journey in the world of research. During my undergraduate tenure at UCLA I was under the mentorship of James Liao’s lab, whose lab focused on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. My involvement comprised of efforts in cloning, manipulating non-natural biochemical pathways and engineering alcohol-producing E. coli. Specifically, biofuels in the form of higher order alcohols offer advantages as substitutes to gasoline because of their higher energy density and lower hygroscopicity. The duality of fascinating biochemistry while attempting to solve a global energy problem through renewable resources peaked my interest to take part in this field of research.

With the goal of getting into medical school in mind, my first mission post-graduation was to expand my research experience by exposing myself to more clinically relevant research. There was no better way to bridge the transition from research on bacteria to research on aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss than join the collaborative forces of the Ricci and Cheng laboratory teams. My project in the Ricci lab focuses on better understanding the reasons of differential antimicrobial activity resulting from novel aminoglycosides with reduced ototoxicity. As a new member on the team, my colleagues whom I worked alongside have helped me tremendously to fully appreciate the breadth of research on hair cells and strategies to reduce hearing loss. In the coming years I hope to help push my project forward on the bacteria front while gaining more understanding on mammalian auditory systems and electrophysiology from the talented team members.

When I am not spending my days with diverse bacteria cultures, I like to spend it on the basketball court. More often than not I prefer cooking and satiating my inner probiotic friends until they can no longer hold back their colonic war cry.