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Noor Ali

I recently received my medical degree from the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan. Moving across the world to a third world country was a particularly challenging experience given that I grew up in San Jose, CA. Nevertheless, it humbled me and helped me develop into a better doctor and citizen of the world.

My interest in otolaryngology developed during my rotation in pediatrics ENT. Being the only tertiary care hospital that does cochlear implants in Karachi, I saw a variety of families come from far villages and neighboring countries to seek treatment. It felt surreal to see the lives of these kids transform post-surgery. It was during this rotation that I realized I wanted to help in more than one way; I aspired to be a clinician-scientist. As much as I loved patient care, I also wanted to work on prevention and cure.

Presbycusis, or age related hearing loss, greatly affects the quality of life of the elderly population. The project that I am currently working on involves using mice models to investigate whether a window of time exists where only high threshold afferent fibers are affected before hair cells have been lost. From a translational perspective, if the hypothesis is true and such a window does exist, novel treatment therapies could be developed to directly target the synaptic loss and prevent the detrimental condition.

In addition to saving the world one mouse at a time, I enjoy traveling, working out, and learning new languages. Currently, I’m working on my fifth language – farsi.

Noor Ali