Adela Perez

I am a medical student at the Stanford School of Medicine, with a strong interest in basic science research. The implications of basic science on clinical practice encourage me to imagine and fortify this connection by contributing to the ever-advancing path of medicine.

I was introduced to this academic pursuit of knowledge that is original research through mentorship at the University of Southern California during my undergraduate studies. While completing a Biological Sciences, B.A. and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies, B.S., I began to explore a variety of research interests. My involvement in biological anthropologic research and oncology epidemiologic research during my undergraduate studies reflects the breadth of my curiosity and appreciation of many fields.

In addition to my medical curriculum, I have had the fortune of beginning research in the Ricci Lab. The project in which I work highlights the invaluable connection between basic science pursuits and clinical practices. The discovery and advent of antibiotics revolutionized the practice and understanding of medicine. These pivotal medications are not without side effects. Gentamicin, a type of aminoglycoside antibiotic is known to cause ototoxicity. My project focuses on understanding the differences in ototoxicity of the various Gentamicin subtypes found in hospital-grade formulations and the common impurities.

My research interests are growing and nurtured by the amazing colleagues that I have found working alongside this project. My clinical practice will not only be informed by this research, but will be shaped in a fundamental way to include the appreciation and application of research findings. I look forward to working in this lab for years to come.

When I am in not in the laboratory, I am enjoying the company of good friends over good food.

Adela Perez